Monday, January 2, 2012

Word Families

So I can't claim this idea. I got it off of But we tried it and its a huge success. My youngest daughter loved the fact that it was Easter Eggs and we are keeping them in an Easter basket. I have a long list of word families that we will keep adding once we master these really good. This has taken the place of our "sight word flashcards" for this week. We're ahead of the game compared to our public schools around here, so we're going to take a break on the flashcards and do these word family eggs to make sure we have got it down. My youngest daughter loves turning the eggs to make a new word and she's helping me do the eggs as well. So she loves trying to make the words.

We may even get creative with them and fit an egg hunt into this, especially around Easter time. AN EGG HUNT WAS HER we we will see how it develops. I'm just excited that she's excited about it.

BLOG UPDATE:WORD FAMILY CHARTS <--------- These are the word family charts that I used.

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