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Since its Halloween week, we've decided to conjure up a few experiments!

First experiment - Acetic Acid mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate
Our reaction certainly looked like a wizard's potion. We just used 1/2 a cup of vinegar as our acid and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The result...Carbon Dioxide! The girls loved to see it bubble up. We talked about how the vinegar and baking soda were in a "duel" with one another to try to neutralize each other, resulting in the bubble reaction of carbon dioxide.

Second experiment - Making a Polymer
SLIME! The girls had a great time making this. It was very easy with a borax and water solution mixed with a glue and water solution. The girls have played with it all afternoon. They also love seeing it take shape to anything. They've had fun stretching it and seeing it shape itself. We got our directions from
Now for the SCIENCE part.... This POLYMER is unique b…

Egypt and Pyramids

We were doing our Mystery of History (which we love) and we learned about the Egyptians this week. The girls seemed to really have an interest in the culture and the pyramids. We were lucky that we got to do a field trip - thanks to the online VIRTUAL world. ;) We did an online virtual tour through

We finished up the week with the girls going over to their Nana's house and surprising us with a cake of the map of Egypt. They also made a pyramid on the map. I couldn't be more proud of my girls.