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Heavier Than Air

Don't you love it when your school curriculum goes along with a real life experience at the same time? We did a chemical reaction experiment with vinegar (our acid) and baking soda (our base) to blow up a balloon. The kids enjoyed watching as it changed into CO2.
After the balloon was filled up they quickly realized that their balloon didn't weigh the same as a balloon with air from our mouths. Why? CO2 is heavier than air. The balloon didn't float down to the ground, it came down much faster.  Well, it just so happens that we did some filming this weekend with a smoke machine and to do that we had to have dry ice (which is a solid form of CO2). Why does the smoke go low? Again, CO2 is lighter than air.  Want to try something similar and maybe you don't have a fog machine? It is real simple to do one on your own. Watch this dry ice experiment. 

Road Trip

One of the reasons I love homeschooling is because we can pick up and go anytime we please. When my husband suggested on a whim for us to. take a road trip after visiting family in TN, that is just what we did. I jumped! We took a long way home. So from stopping at his old Army base at Fort Campbell, KY all the way to our las stop of the Hoover Dam in Nevada/AZ - the kids got to see so many things. I find it quite startling how easy it is for them to even find the states on the map after we have gone through them. Our plan is to get a big map off of Etsy to put pins in for the states we have visited. 
Here is a list of some of the things we got to see:  Fort Campbell, KY St. Louis, MO Gateway Arch Kansas City Wizard of Oz Museum, KS Kansas City Chiefs Stadium Kansas City Royals Stadium Kansas City Art Museum Denver Broncos Stadium, CO Buford, WY Population of 1 Tree in the Rock, WY Salt Lake City, UT Mormon Temple Salt Lake, UT Las Vegas, NV Hoover Dam, NV 
Enjoy some pictures of our adventure.