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We love π!

The best part at the end of this history lesson was our dessert! We learned about Archimedes and all his inventions, as well as his jumping out of the bathtub naked and running to the king yelling "Eureka" after he realized the displacement of water. But who can forget the great mathematician's discovery to estimate the value of pi. Before my girls could eat our dessert of apple pie, we proved Archimedes' point by measuring the circumference of our pie (circle) and realizing it was a little over 3 times the diameter of our pie (circle). I'm sure it was 3.1416 to be exact! All I could say after this lesson was, "I wish my high school teacher did this to help me understand." My 10 year old got it! She now realizes the easiest way to measure a circle is to measure the diameter and then multiply it with π. So, we had a little math lesson with our history today, along with a great treat at the end!