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So everyone's starting school and we're already taking a break? How's that?

Everyone is starting school this week and well - we're enjoying summer! I've had many comments this week about "When do you do school? I see pictures of you at the lake or with friends." We decided to join the families that try to do the year round school year. Really though - its not all year round. The kids still get a summer break, it is just shorter. But they also get a week break almost every month. This week has actually been ridiculously awesome! As school kids are starting back, we're enjoying lakes, pools, and trails all to ourselves (and with friends). I wanted to post our calendar online, because this took me a while to get our scheduling right. I wanted to be able to work around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but to get our 180 days on the calendar - this took some time. So here it is. Obviously, we've already started, but my hopes are for this to be easier for someone to figure out next year if you would like this type of schedule. There are 36 sch…