Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Volcanic Eruptions

I know I just posted a blog this week about our volcano week, but I had to post pictures of our eruptions yesterday. We had some friends over for our volcano eruptions and we also waited until my husband got home from work, because you know how men like to "blow things up". :)

First volcano did its normal thing with the baking soda and vinegar. I just posted a picture with friends. Chris, my husband, took a video on his phone, but unfortunately, he has his phone so I can't retrieve it.

The last pictures are of Chris doing the Diet Coke experiment with mentos. If you haven't heard of this, you are missing out. I wish we would have had more bottles and more mentos to keep trying it to see how high we could have gotten it. All you do is put a pack of mint mentos in a 2 liter of Diet Coke. Then you have an EXPLODING REACTION!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We learned about volcanoes this week and the girls LOVED IT! We did a lapbook, built a volcano, and even woke up one morning and watched the Magic School Bus Blows Its Top. You can find this video here. We still have one more day of our school week though. So we're going to erupt our volcano and then also do the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. The girls have wanted to do this for a while and I've been waiting for the perfect occasion. You may say that a volcano doesn't really shoot up that high, but it does. A volcano can shoot up as high as 300 feet! At the end of the week, I look back and say, "Wow - I love watching the girls learn." Kylee said she wanted to be a volcanologist when she grows up. I know that could change in a couple of weeks, but I was glad to know she was so interested in what she learned this week. Today I even gave them a certificate of appreciation awarded to them for becoming an outstanding "Junior Volcanologist." Pictures are below of our week and also instructions for the volcano. :)

Instructions for volcano:
• Bottle, can be snapple, plastic soda, just about any size
• A Cardboard box
• In the bottle, have your kids mix together 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup baking soda, three tablespoons dishwashing liquid, and a few drops of red or orange food coloring.
• Pour in 1/4 cup of vinegar, and stand back. Everyone can watch the volcano erupt.
Ingredients for making the dough:
• Six cups of Flour
• Two cups of Salt
• Two cups of Water
• Four tablespoons of cooking oil

Friday, March 16, 2012

Reflections of our first year schooling at home

Here's my top ten list of things I've learned this year:

10. Yes, its okay to stay in pajamas while we learn. I started off the school year saying we would get dressed. But this being our first year of homeschooling...I think its one of the things my daughters love best. Who cares right? After we learn, we get dressed and get out the door to wherever we gotta go! Not every one of my homeschool friends do this and that's okay, too. Its the beauty of homeschooling...we're flexible!
9. We stay up a little later than we probably should. My daughters are all the time saying, "Regular school kids are probably in bed." Sometimes we just like to spend more family time together and with my husband sometimes working late - we stay up late. We don't do it all the time...they do have a bed time of 10:00 on school nights. They are happy with that time, because its 2 hours later than when they were in public school. However, there are sometimes that we do have to make exceptions.
8. We sleep in longer than we probably should. I've learned for my daughters that if I wake them up too early, they are just cranky. No one wants to learn when they are cranky. I want my kids to want to learn. So we wake up at 9 (3 hours later than if we were in public school). When we wake up, we get breakfast and usually wake up with reading a story to start off the day. Again, not all my homeschool friends do this. Another beauty of homeschooling - we can do what works for our family. And there are always exceptions...if we really had a rough night, I let them sleep in. Its great!
7. Transitioning from public school to school at home is rough. This is hard in two ways, one it was hard on my oldest who was in public school for 3 years and knew nothing else. Two, I've had to get out of the "public school" mentality. Which means...its not always "textbooks, textbooks, textbooks...." I've learned that everyone CANNOT learn with a textbook in front of them. They just aren't going to all grasp it in that way. The way my oldest daughter learns is completely different from my youngest daughter. I can't just make my youngest daughter "copy" spelling words. She just copies and doesn't learn. So, we had to come up with other ways of learning. Its great though. I love learning her style!
6. In saying "textbooks, textbooks, textbooks," it is possible to finish a curriculum WAY under the time of regular public school. My oldest daughter and I finished her language arts curriculum in January and we finished her math curriculum in February. Now, we're just reviewing and doing fun stuff...for instance, Mad Libs! Since we are way ahead of schedule, I'm trying to learn to relax more when it comes to getting things done. Everything is gradually coming along though and I'm so confident in where we will be next year.
5. Learning is ALL DAY. Whether we are working on chores, character, getting along, or scenery on the roads - we are learning. Its amazing how I don't blow my daughters questions out the window anymore and just say "because". When they were in public school, I used to teach my kids stuff but I also thought, “Oh, they’ll learn how to read/how to do that specific math skill/etc. in school so I’m not going to worry about it.” So if I didn't want to explain why something was the way it was...I would just say, "because." That word is overused. Now my focus is more like stop and seize the learning opportunity whenever you can. It is my focus and my passion and it’s caught on with my husband as well. Now, there's an explanation to everything. When the kids are curious, give them answers.
4. Christ is the center of our home more, now than EVER! Its such an amazing difference to have Christian curriculum. My oldest really enjoyed her reading this year, as a lot of it was about missionaries in other countries that were condemned and even almost lost their lives because of telling the Gospel of Christ. Its also amazing to learn about bugs or animals and realize how SMART and GENIUS God was when he made them. Whether they were camouflaged or whatever - its just amazing to see God's creations and not just "Science."
3. The "S" word (socialization) from non-homeschoolers is really starting to amuse me. While public school kids are in a classroom sitting for 8 hours a kids are at park days, having friends over, baking with friends, jumping junction with friends, field day, karate class, piano lessons, YMCA with friends, 4-H Club for Homeschoolers, Children's theatre, and field trips such as zoo, space museum, symphony, Korean Children's choir, Spelling Bee, The Lost Sea, Tybee Island (Marine Life, Civil War Museums, Lighthouse), and Red Clay Indian Pow Wow...just to name a few (listed as all we have done this year). So if you worry about my kids not being socialized...well, if you are on my facebook - I'm sure you see pictures of my kids with friends all the time. The only socialization my kids are missing is the socialization I don't want them around this day in age. Things start way earlier now in public school than they did when I was in school. Fighting in elementary school, pregnancies in middle school...this is what my kids are missing out on. Not much, huh?
2. My girls and I have made some amazing friends with other homeschool families. Even if our teaching style is different, they are so encouraging. It being our first year of schooling at home, they've made sure to include us in things and pull us in. Its easy to make friends with them, you already have one thing in common which is an easy discussion starter. LOL! I'm so blessed with the friendships my girls and I have made.
1. I've got a closer relationship to my daughters now more than ever before and its growing more and more EVERYDAY. I've always thought my relationship has been okay with my daughters, but I don't think I realized how much of their life I was missing out on. Now - its wonderful! My oldest daughter and I have stayed up WAY TOO LATE at night in her bed...just talking! Its been wonderful learning about her. She's learning me and I'm learning her. We have learned HOW to talk to each other. I've learned who they really are. I've learned their hearts! My daughters have found their own styles. In public school, my oldest was "Miss Priss". She worried about her clothes constantly and if they would live up to her friends expectations. NOW - she's don't a complete 180. She dresses how she wants to dress and most of the time, its based on comfort. Their personalities finally have confidence that grows. It is not based on peers that they have been around for 8 hours a day. They are being true to who they are! I really feel like they are growing their own independence. They are making friends that like them for WHO THEY REALLY ARE! I am so proud of them.

Now, the year isn't quite over for us yet. But it won't be long and it will be coming to an end when we will take a break. Everyone says, "the first year is the hardest." I look back at this past year and I think, "I can do wasn't as hard as I thought it would be." The only struggles we've really had is "de-schooling." That goes for me and the kids both. I don't want us to have "class at home." We don't sit at desk all day and have a pencil in our hand all day. Sometimes, I could see myself getting back to that and I don't want to. It takes a lot of preparing to come up with things so that we don't do that. My kids love being busy! As long as they are busy (which they have been for the past couple of months), they are happy. I'm learning that, too. They can't get in a lazy mode or else their attitude isn't the greatest. So as busy as they are, with me as their chauffeur, I enjoy seeing them happy. I enjoy the rewarding experience of capturing their "a-ha! moments". I enjoy seeing them socialize and seeking out friendships. I enjoy seeing them learn. I am learning so much myself! Its really the most rewarding experience, especially when its your own child. My youngest daughter has started a chapter book and I just sit back and think, "Wow! I taught her how to read." I couldn't do this without the support of my family. Both sides of my husband and I's family are supportive. My mom-in-law calls me to ask me questions about my nephew's homework and it makes me feel so flattered. My mom constantly reminds me of how proud she is of me and it makes me feel so grateful and thankful. I'm so glad that I have a supportive family. I'm so glad that I answered God's call to do this. Even in times when I sometimes feel discouraged, God will put something or someone in my way that just confirms we are doing the right thing.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."
-Proverbs 22:6

Monday, March 12, 2012


We are in the middle of a two week Spring Break - but my oldest daughter decided to learn about prepositions this morning (on her own). So she found this song on and then put her own special dance moves to it. I had to share it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Word Family Charts

Late last year, I posted a blog post about using plastic eggs for word fact families. You can find that blog post HERE. Someone approached me and didn't know what words to put on these eggs. So here is some word family charts that you can access and use some of these for your plastic eggs. Enjoy!