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Greenhouse Effect Experiment

We have been using Layers of Learning  and we've enjoyed it so much. This is a "new to me" curriculum. We are loving it. It works with the style my girls learn best which is "hands on".

Our science experiment today was learning about the Greenhouse Effect. Note: Before the experiment, we went over what the Greenhouse Effect was. She obviously didn't understand until after the experiment since her first guess on what was going to happen was wrong. This is why we like to learn hand's on. Here's one of my daughter's lab reports which show the method and materials that we used. At the top of her paper you can see her guess or hypothesis. She guessed wrong and her conclusion was at the bottom of what the actual outcome came out to be. She learned that the gases in the atmosphere are what give us this greenhouse effect and why we are warmer than we would be without them.

In case you can't read it. We used two jars and filled both with 5 ice cubes.…