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There's Value in Being Relaxed

So if you have followed my blog, you know that last November, we took some time to do NOTHING. We were technically "unschooling" or "deschooling". My kids didn't stop learning, but it wasn't with anything structured and it was based on what they wanted to learn about it. My oldest ended up covering so many topics that would have been in a Biology textbook just in her research and an anatomy book for that matter (which she actually bought two of those at the bookstore for fun). My youngest ended up doing a lot of science experiments and realizing vocabulary was important to her and started expanding her own vocabulary.

I have to say that quitting school was the BEST decision I have ever made. There is value in letting your kids have the reigns. There is a value in being relaxed and letting go to let them explore their own interests. Before we did that, my oldest wanted no part of going to college and really didn't know where she was headed. Now she know…

What if we trust?

With growing up in the system, I will say that letting my children lead their own learning is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I know that I probably still have some deschooling to do on my own. I often find myself not needed and start to question our decision. I miss planning our lessons at times. I have often been upset not knowing what to do with my time. However, do you notice the word "I" that I keep using? My husband pointed out to me, we can't change what we are doing just for me. This way of learning is totally about them. It's totally about them finding themselves and healing the curiosity and creativity so they love learning again. Usually, about the time I start to question everything about this new way of learning for us, my kids end up amazing me.

The truth is there is a lot of time spent on YouTube. However, while my daughter is watching a simple, definitely non-educational, YouTube video about a boy dying from a certain disease leads to rese…

Child Led Learning in JUST the First Week!

I've been super excited to write this blog post. I have been amazed by what the kids have done.

My oldest was wanting to learn about the brain and brain surgeries, but in her research she went down a rabbit hole and really took on the topic of Alzheimer's. She dove in. I walked into her room and saw many cards with research and her own thoughts.  When going to lunch with her dad, we became engulfed in discussion about Alzheimer's. You can tell this was a big interest to her partly because her great grandmother died from it and she is worried about other family members having it. She became interested in all the clinical trials and frustrated that there wasn't a cure for this disease.  One of the next few days, she asked to see her bank account balance. I wondered why. She then started to tell me about how she was trying to talk to a neurologist. So she put a $5 deposit down from her card hoping to get some questions answered. However, then she got an email saying it wa…

Our De-Schooling Journey and What's Come About It....

So if you read my previous post titled We Quit School, I thought I'd post a follow up to how life has gone since then.

It's actually pretty amazing the stages that have happened during our "de-schooling" process. If you'll remember, my high schooler wasn't motivated to learn anything. She was just doing the worksheets and memorizing for a test and driving on to forget it the next day. She had told us she wasn't at all interested in college. She wasn't learning anything with the way we were having to do school just to earn her high school credits. She just had no drive for the future.

Now, I will admit the first couple of weeks, it drove me insane to not be "doing school" and it was very hard to hold those thoughts of mine in. Often my high schooler was on her phone and on YouTube a lot. However, if you give things in abundance and freely, they eventually get bored of those objects. She did eventually have enough of looking at her phone. She …