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Across the Country

It's time to start a new chapter in our life. So - on our move across country, I tried to make things interesting with fun, simple facts that didn't seem too educational on our drive from the East to the West. There were little things we did, like set the clock back every time we entered a new time zone. For the most part, we actually just enjoyed seeing the scenery change. Every time we passed into a new state, the girls had to get out their folder and read a few fun facts about the state. It gave them something to look forward to when crossing the state line. My youngest exclaim, "Let me get out my folder," without me even asking. Here is what I came up with:  The girls can officially say that they have been and stayed in every one of these states. We have been to TX before, we have family there. So it was cool staying in a hotel in each state, besides TX. Here are some pictures of the scenery and its changes. Traveling parts of the old Route 66 was why we chose…