Monday, January 9, 2012

Organizing time with multiple children

In a homeschool forum, I recently responded to a post about this sort of topic. So I thought I'd write more about it and show pictures on my blog.

This year, with it being the first year of us homeschooling, its taken us some time to get our routine and rhythm down. The question that even I, myself, had in the beginning was, "How am I supposed to teach two kids - especially if they have different lessons?"


Months ago, I printed off a task list that I got from here. I cover it with a page protector so that I can use dry-erase markers on it. They easily wipe off.

I did this not only for my kids, but for myself as well. It helps with lesson plans for the next day to make sure that I'm not forgetting a subject. I write down their assignments. In the beginning, I wrote down "with Mommy" out beside the lessons, so they knew not to do those by themselves. But there's other subjects that they can do some assignments by themselves, such as handwriting, typing, spelling, etc.

This made it easy for me to sit down in the mornings with my youngest and do math (and other subjects) with her, while my oldest conquers subjects that she knows she can do on her own. Then we switch and I sit down with my oldest on the subjects she needed me for. So there are no interruptions. If she finishes one assignment, she moves on to the next - unless she has a question about it, then I will come back and help her if needed.

Did I also mention, its a huge time saver? My kids are the type of kids that like to just get their work done, so we don't even take breaks (their choice). So this really helps!

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