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Solar System Bracelets

Well, it was that time again - to learn about the solar system, galaxies, how we get our seasons, the moon phases, etc. You can check out our Space Unit that we completed a couple years ago, when we covered space.
Meant To Teach: What's out there in space???
Also, here is the solar system we completed a couple of years ago.
Meant To Teach: Solar System Complete

This time I decided to do something different with the girls. I might add, it was also much easier than our solar system above. I decided to do solar bracelets this time!

Welcome Baby Girl!

That's right, we are celebrating the birth of a new baby in our household. My oldest daughter is absolutely loving her Book Of Virtue Project. You can get the Book of Virtue here and you can download the units to go with this book here. This week her unit is on responsibility. So she has a new baby egg that she has to nurture for seven days. This is so fun for her. She did get a little grouchy when she realized she had to pay a babysitter by either money or chores. This is real life! I will probably be posting more on this project, but today we are welcoming Baby Kendall into the world. My daughter is doing her shopping list to see the grand total of how much it will be to take care of Kendall. She also had to come up with a crib for her baby to sleep in the refrigerator, as well as a babysitter and doctor. 

Here is my daughter's list of baby items and cost.  She had random events that would happen every day with her baby. Whether it was taking her egg to the doctor or having to…