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I look up in the sky...

This week we learned about clouds! Surprisingly, my oldest seems to be very interested in weather and gets it very easily. When talking about how clouds form - she really understood it and seemed to think it was very cool. We started out with talking about the process and I had my own little drawing on the white board. We talked about evaporation and how we get rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

We set out a cup of water outside and marked with a dry erase marker to see our line of where we filled it. Once it evaporates, we will be able to see how much and where the water originally was.

We ended the week learning about the different types of clouds. After reading about the cumulus cloud and how it can turn to what's called a cumulonimbus (LATIN WORD: NIMBUS) she asked me, "Is that what can make a tornado?" Lo and behold, in the next paragraph of our unit - that's what it talked about. She thinks she can be a weather predictor now by watching the clouds! I love the enth…

We Voted!

Thought I would post pictures of what we did on election week! Our candidate didn't win, but it was great to see how involved the girls got with this election.

Their father taught an election unit to them the whole week. He's very into politics, so when he came home from work - they would sit down and do their file folder on the election.

They also did a "Race to the White House" file folder game. My husband played the moderator.

Then of course, they voted in their own online election through We also went to vote as a family.