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Proud mommy/teacher moment

My oldest daughter is in the Homeschool 4-H club in our area and I required her to write a speech. She whined and complained because she didn't want to do it. She is not too keen on writing. But its one of those things - she needs to learn and this mama knows it.

After writing her speech and saying it, she told me, "I'm glad I did it now. This may be fun." That was the first of the proud moments in pushing her to do something she didn't want to do. When it was time to say her speech to the homeschool group - there were kids of all ages in the room. She said her speech with kids of all ages in this group. She did a fantastic job. Lo and behold, she surprised herself and won 1st place and got a ribbon to move onto the Sub-County round.

This picture is taken of her before that moment of winning first among homeschoolers.

Then we were off to the Sub-County round at a local community college. She was nervous, the crowd was much bigger this time. She went from being…