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Pudding Spelling

We took pudding (you could do paint or pudding) and put it in a plastic bag and the kids practiced writing their spelling words. Here in the picture below, my youngest is writing the word "gnat".

Solar System Complete

Today, we completed our Solar System to go along with our Space Unit.

The girls have enjoyed learning about they want to go to space. This seems to happen with every lesson we have. We learn about dolphins; they want one. We learn about polar bears; they want to go to Canada to see one. We learn about penguins; they want to go to Antarctica. I'm really happy to see them so interested though. As I always say, "It's the most rewarding job ever."

In the next couple of weeks, we have a little getaway planned to the space museum. The girls can't wait for that! FIELD TRIP! :)

Behavior Chart

I found a behavior chart image online that I really liked because it detailed, but I couldn't find a website to print one. So I made my own. I did this in photoshop and if you would like to print one for yourself you can here.

After I printed it, I hung it in a picture frame and can use dry erase markers to check off.

What's out there in space???

We've started learning about space. There's so much to cover, so its going to take a few weeks. The past two weeks, we've learned about stars, comets, meteors, craters, asteroids, and the moon. We also learned about Neil Armstrong. I wanted to show some of the projects we did.

This first one is when we were learning about constellations. I took a cereal box and let the girls poke holes in it. When they were finished, we put a flashlight in the box and went to a dark room and viola!, you have your own constellation.

Also when learning about craters, we did got out some flour and dropped a ball in it. We had our own crater!

Then we also did the Moon phases. They loved this one, which I got from They got to enjoy the Oreo cookies afterwards.

These are their pictures that they drew of Neil Armstrong on the moon.