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Easter 2013

We've started this week off with an Easter project or craft. Our first craft, an Easter wreath, is below.

This is really so easy. You only need eggs, a ribbon, and maybe some super glue (just in case the eggs have a hard time staying together). All you do is clip the Easter eggs together by using two eggs and putting the bottom on the other egg's top and then vice versa. You keep doing this all the way around until you finally want to stop and clip the ends together. Then just wrap some ribbon around it of your choice and viola!

Michelangelo Style Art

Well - this picture below is exactly what it looks like! We painted like Michelangelo. We had a lesson on how he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We talked about the famous painting of The Creation of Adam. I had the girls paint a different portrait of the Ishtar Gate of Babylon because we had just learned about that from our Mystery of History lesson. They said their backs hurt, so I gave them pillows to lay on the floor. After they were done, they were glad they did it - even though their neck was hurting from looking back so much. I then asked how they thought Michelangelo must have felt having to paint SO much?? I think they got a sense of what he felt.