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Cloud Makers

In learning about the water cycle this week. We read Once There was a Raindrop and The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks. We also watched a few science videos on My children really enjoy their curriculum and videos. They make them entertaining. We also did a few science experiments of making our own clouds in a jar and a bottle. Pictures are below, but the girls had fun with these. I tried my best to capture the cloud as best as I could, but it really just looked a lot like steam. It was hard to capture, but the girls could see it swirling around, and they liked that. They let the cloud of the jar here and really liked seeing that.

Natural Land Forms

We have just finished learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers, caves, and mountains. We've already studied volcanoes before, but they say science and history is repeated. In our case, it was sooner than later. You can see my volcano post here. We did the usual volcano activity of making a volcano and watching it explode. We also demonstrated with graham crackers the movement of tectonic plates. I came upon that idea from The Homeschool Den Blog. So this year, I just decided I was going to let the kids make their own natural land form, such as those we just learned about. During this project though, they had to build a model, find out a little research about it (including superlatives), and then diagram how their land form was formed. So my youngest goes with what we are learning about and she decides to do a mountain. My oldest, however, decided to do nothing that we just learned about. She decided to do a Redwood Tree, but I was okay with that - after all, as long as …