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Watch out! Chemist in training!

We started Chemistry this school year! The kids seem to be excited about it. We are using Bright Ideas Press Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. I already love it - its so Elementary, and if I'm honest with myself - I need that, too. Chemistry was never my strong subject. We did our first lesson today, but before we started off with the hands on activity that's at the end of each lesson - we decorated our own lab coats. This is such an inexpensive lab coat, because its made with one of the hubby's white t-shirts from his closet. We just cut it down the middle, made a name on the side along with a pretend pocket, and the girls decorated the back of their coat however they wanted. This will be our lab coat! They are very cute and I think the girls did very well at decorating. We'll put these on a little coat hanger in our school room.

Ghost Writer Spelling

This is a fun way to learn spelling! The girls wrote their spelling words with a white crayon. Then they took water color paint and painted over the words for their words to be revealed. They loved it. Its a pretty cool activity! Pictures below!