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Income Tax Time - A Real Life Lesson for My Girls

The girls have learned a real life lesson when it comes to income taxes. This past year, they actually made pay checks from a theater they performed at. So we received their W-2s and filed their taxes.

My husband came to me and said, "I have their taxes done and I've prepared a small lesson to teach them." As a homeschool mama, hearing him say that statement was like hearing him say "I love you" for the first time. Some homeschool mamas dream of their husband's involvement like this! He stepped up and taught the girls a little bit about income taxes. He educated them on what taxes were paid for, and why they were taken out of their checks. He instructed them to why they were getting a refund as well.

I am so lucky to have a supportive husband when it comes to teaching the girls these real life lessons. The girls signed their forms and are expecting a small refund to be deposited directly to their bank accounts. Yes, the girls have bank accounts due to the c…