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There's Value in Being Relaxed

So if you have followed my blog, you know that last November, we took some time to do NOTHING. We were technically "unschooling" or "deschooling". My kids didn't stop learning, but it wasn't with anything structured and it was based on what they wanted to learn about it. My oldest ended up covering so many topics that would have been in a Biology textbook just in her research and an anatomy book for that matter (which she actually bought two of those at the bookstore for fun). My youngest ended up doing a lot of science experiments and realizing vocabulary was important to her and started expanding her own vocabulary.

I have to say that quitting school was the BEST decision I have ever made. There is value in letting your kids have the reigns. There is a value in being relaxed and letting go to let them explore their own interests. Before we did that, my oldest wanted no part of going to college and really didn't know where she was headed. Now she know…