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We timed it perfectly to learn about rocks in science and Stonehenge in Mystery of History. You can find our ROCK lesson here. Its hard to imagine standing up 28 ton slabs of rock and making a perfect circle. The girls went rock collecting and tried to guess what type of rock their rocks may have been and then tried to stack up their own rocks to make a perfect circle like Stonehenge. Then we pulled out the dominoes and made our own version of Stonehenge, although dominoes aren't that easy either with falling and making a perfect imagine having 28 tons of a rock slab that's not a perfect rectangle. :)

We did our lesson with CANDY and made ROCK stars in the process!

The three types of rocks are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. To make sure we understood how these types of rocks were formed, we used candy!

Igneous rock is formed when melted rocks cool and become hard. So why not demonstrate that with some fondue chocolate (one of my favorite things)??
Sedimentary rock is formed with layers of mud, sand, and animal remains that slowly turn into rock. So we used a Snickers bar to demonstrate this.
Metamorphic rock is changed by pressure and heat. So we added a little of our own pressure to some flavored Tootsie Rolls.
You know the girls loved this lesson! They got to enjoy it.
To finish it all off, they did their own music video with the song we all know the tune of, "We will Rock You". The words of the songs are posted below as well.
We will we will rock you! We will we will rock you!
Volcanos erupt with lava so hot, it cools and hardens and its igneous rock cuz rocks can change...all over this place... they weather, and …

Ziggurats and the Tower of Babel

Who knew ancient history could be fun? We're loving Mystery of History. We enjoyed this week learning about Sumerians and their Ziggurats and Cuneiform tablets and the Tower of Babel. They made their own Cuneiform writing and they loved looking at pictures of their Daddy at the ziggurat in Iraq. The kids found it very interesting that the world has about 5,000 different languages. We believe it all started from...THE TOWER OF BABEL! We did our own Tower of Babel with marshmallows all while listening to FOREIGN languages in music. We didn't have a clue to what languages we were listening to or what they were saying, but it was a great way to demonstrate confusion! We also learned about the Hebrew word "babel", which means confusion. We also get the word "babbling" from that - a toddler babbling can be so confusing! We found humor from that lesson.