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FREE Daily Homeschool Assignment Sheets

Ever since we have been homeschooling, we've tried different ways of planning out work assignments and task. We've tried binders, planners, and calendars. We've tried weekly schedules.We always come back to our daily homeschool assignment task list. The girls see what is in front of them and what needs to be completed, I put all worksheets under the task list on a clipboard and they sit in front of the computer and get to work. They like checking it off and seeing their daily work in front of them of what needs to be completed. I have even put these in a sheet protector and wrote on it with dry erase markers and had them check it off with dry erase markers when they were younger. Now I just print off daily copies for the week, because as they are getting older their work is more detailed. I thought I would upload our Daily Homeschool Schedule Checklist for you. I personalized it for them. My oldest daughter loves football, so this could obviously be used for a boy and my y…

Traveling the Oregon Trail

Our week learning about the Oregon Trail consisted of writing a diary entry as a pioneer, making a checklist of supplies, being creative and making a video about the Oregon Trail, mapping out the trail, labeling wagon parts, and even learning about animals on the trail such as oxen and buffalo. My youngest daughter's spelling list even had to do with words we were reading from the Oregon Trail.

I don't care how old my kids get, they will always enjoy picture books. So I checked these books out for reading during the week. 
Who could also forget about the childhood game we all loved to play as kids when computers were still new. I just so happened to have the Oregon Trail game by Mecc. I couldn't believe the CD-Rom still worked with my Windows 10. 
Some great resources I used were, Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Westward Ho! Lapbook, and Lapbook Lesson's Oregon Trail Lapbook.

We got this cute printable board game also from Tina's Dynamic Homeschool…

Science Fun in Slow Motion

Science Experiment

We did this fun experiment to see what air pressure will do when we flip a cup of water onto a large index card and remove our hand. I did the video in slow motion just to enjoy my daughter's facial expression. ;) At the end, she said, "It was like magic!" (you can kind of pick that out in the slow motion. The air pressure holds the water in its place. Enjoy!