Child Led Learning in JUST the First Week!

I've been super excited to write this blog post. I have been amazed by what the kids have done.

My oldest was wanting to learn about the brain and brain surgeries, but in her research she went down a rabbit hole and really took on the topic of Alzheimer's. She dove in. I walked into her room and saw many cards with research and her own thoughts.  When going to lunch with her dad, we became engulfed in discussion about Alzheimer's. You can tell this was a big interest to her partly because her great grandmother died from it and she is worried about other family members having it. She became interested in all the clinical trials and frustrated that there wasn't a cure for this disease.  One of the next few days, she asked to see her bank account balance. I wondered why. She then started to tell me about how she was trying to talk to a neurologist. So she put a $5 deposit down from her card hoping to get some questions answered. However, then she got an email saying it wa…

Our De-Schooling Journey and What's Come About It....

So if you read my previous post titled We Quit School, I thought I'd post a follow up to how life has gone since then.

It's actually pretty amazing the stages that have happened during our "de-schooling" process. If you'll remember, my high schooler wasn't motivated to learn anything. She was just doing the worksheets and memorizing for a test and driving on to forget it the next day. She had told us she wasn't at all interested in college. She wasn't learning anything with the way we were having to do school just to earn her high school credits. She just had no drive for the future.

Now, I will admit the first couple of weeks, it drove me insane to not be "doing school" and it was very hard to hold those thoughts of mine in. Often my high schooler was on her phone and on YouTube a lot. However, if you give things in abundance and freely, they eventually get bored of those objects. She did eventually have enough of looking at her phone. She …


That's heard me straight. We "quit" school.

This first half of the year has been with our noses in our curriculum, making sure that my high schooler has everything she needs to attend a four year university. Also, my youngest has been diving into language arts, reading, know all the subjects we are supposed to do. I've gotten very strict with her on learning more vocabulary and grammar. Both of my girls were writing papers every week. We were in a great routine with our heads in the books.

It has become a struggle and NO FUN! In the past we have always been so hands on. I have seen my girls LOVE to learn and learn pretty deep on certain subjects because they wanted to. I used to love how they would have more and more questions and look it up. I have seen them change their minds on what they want to be when they grow up. My youngest used to dream of being a marine biologists with her love of dolphins and sea creatures. When my oldest was younger…

How We Do Current Events as an Elective and Why I Think it is Important

When I sat down with my high schooler with a list of electives she could choose from to do this year, she chose current events as one of those. I thought I'd write a post on what we do for our current event subject.

Each morning we start off with Channel One News. I was so glad when I came upon this website because I remember being in school and Channel One News came on every morning and we had to watch it in class. I'm not trying to make our homeschool like "public school", but my oldest and I grab a cup of coffee and just cozy up to watch the news like many Americans do in the morning. So I was thrilled to find it. It is definitely a news source that relates to middle school and high school students, even teaching them a "news related word of the day" that they may hear in stories in the video. Sometimes there are even polls that you can vote on after the video and they could be featured in the next day video. We participated in one of the polls on our fi…

Naked Egg and Osmosis

I'll be honest here, the main reason I keep a blog is so I can go back sometimes and remember what we did. This is especially the case now as we are now in the high school years. One of the universities in our area actually requires homeschoolers to list a lab and explain it, even down to the materials that we use. This is part of their application process. So this will be helpful in remembering what we did. 
Anyways, I don't have very many pictures for this lab, because well - I dropped the ball as we had family in town and forgot to take pictures. 
The first step to this lab is to get a naked egg (or two depending on how you choose to perform the experiment). If you aren't sure how to get a naked egg, you place it in vinegar for 24 hours. It's a pretty easy process. 
The things you will need for this lab are: Corn Syrup
Food Coloring
2 Naked Eggs (or 1 if you do it the way we did)

The experiment for osmosis can be seen in this video:…

Our Edible Cell Project

My oldest had fun with this. We just used what we had in the kitchen to make her edible cell project. I offered to take her to the store and by candy to do it. However, being the smart girl she is, she said, "I don't want to waste money on candy I may not even like or eat." So we just used things we had on hand.

Everytime she was writing down the organelles in her "cell key," we were also going over the functions of them.

Fridays are our project days or lab days with biology. I'm loving the time with her doing these to make sure she is understanding what she is reading throughout the week. She seems to be loving it, too. Now that she is a teenager, I am savoring these moments.

Is it an acid or a base?

For this experiment, we used a red cabbage powder to determine if regular household chemicals or liquids were an acid or a base. You can make your own red cabbage powder. Click here to get instructions. You can also just do what I did and buy it offline. Red cabbage powder is the purple color indicator that scientist use to determine and measure whether something is an acid or base and it contains a natural pH indicator.

My oldest had fun doing this experiment with things around the house that she started grabbing more and more things from our cabinets to test it on. It's not every day that you hear your high schooler say, "This is cool," when it comes to science.

So we tested it on things like creamer, dish soap, vinegar, baking soda (dissolved in water), sugar (dissolved in water), lemon juice, etc. If it made the color pink or red, it was a base. If it made the color purple, it was neutral. If it made the color blue or green, then it was an acid.

It was a pretty simple…