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This week we learned about Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Benjamin Franklin, Louis Braille, Alexander Graham Bell, John Deere, and Henry Ford.

The girls loved the book, Louis Braille - The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind. They never wanted me to put it down when reading it. We read it for school and for bedtime.

With learning about Benjamin Franklin, we couldn't possibly put a key on the bottom of a string and fly a kite to discover that same electricity he felt. But we did experiment with static electricity by doing these experiments found here.

With learning about Alexander Graham Bell we did the thing we used to do when I was a kid. :) The kids also had to come up with their own inventions to tell us about at the end of the week. They weren't allowed to tell each other what they were working on and they weren't allowed to tell me. This is a project they did totally on their own, with the exception of me or their dad having to put a nail or screw where they want…

I Have LATIN Lovers!!

Salve!! This past week being our first week of starting school back, I wanted to start my oldest in Latin. I just remember being in school and having a friend that sat behind me in English honors in high school and every time there was a word introduced she knew the answer. She would raise her hand and say the answer and complete it with, "I know that because of taking Latin." Its because of that memory that I wanted my children to take Latin. The plan was for my 9 year old to learn the Latin and my 7 year old to sit in with us. However, it turns out - they were both very interested and they love it! I was lucky and blessed to have the program "Song School Latin" recommended to us by a friend. It works great! It works with songs from a CD. My kids want to listen to the songs over and over again. Then at the end, my oldest does the activity in the book, while my youngest colors Latin coloring pages that I found online. You can find them here. They are FREE and t…

Back 2 School

It's that time again!! The kids are still tucked away in their beds and I wake them up in 15 minutes. They are going to have a nice breakfast waiting for them on the dining room table to start their morning off right. Today we open up new curriculum and new subjects. They start Latin this year along with new books! They are very excited! I just wanted to show some pictures of what their first day will be looking like when we start. The "Back to School" fairy has visited them. She even left glitter on their gifts and on her note. I can't take credit for this. I got this off of, but feel free to follow me on there and go to my homeschooling board and you can find it, too.