Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ziggurats and the Tower of Babel

Who knew ancient history could be fun? We're loving Mystery of History. We enjoyed this week learning about Sumerians and their Ziggurats and Cuneiform tablets and the Tower of Babel. They made their own Cuneiform writing and they loved looking at pictures of their Daddy at the ziggurat in Iraq.
The kids found it very interesting that the world has about 5,000 different languages. We believe it all started from...THE TOWER OF BABEL! We did our own Tower of Babel with marshmallows all while listening to FOREIGN languages in music. We didn't have a clue to what languages we were listening to or what they were saying, but it was a great way to demonstrate confusion! We also learned about the Hebrew word "babel", which means confusion. We also get the word "babbling" from that - a toddler babbling can be so confusing! We found humor from that lesson.

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