We did our lesson with CANDY and made ROCK stars in the process!

The three types of rocks are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. To make sure we understood how these types of rocks were formed, we used candy!

Igneous rock is formed when melted rocks cool and become hard. So why not demonstrate that with some fondue chocolate (one of my favorite things)??

Sedimentary rock is formed with layers of mud, sand, and animal remains that slowly turn into rock. So we used a Snickers bar to demonstrate this.

Metamorphic rock is changed by pressure and heat. So we added a little of our own pressure to some flavored Tootsie Rolls.

You know the girls loved this lesson! They got to enjoy it.

To finish it all off, they did their own music video with the song we all know the tune of, "We will Rock You". The words of the songs are posted below as well.
We will we will rock you! We will we will rock you!
Volcanos erupt with lava so hot, it cools and hardens and its igneous rock cuz rocks can change...all over this place... they weather, and melt, and get rearranged!
We will we will rock you! We will we will rock you!
Rock gets weathered into tiny tiny rocks, layers and layers get piled on top. It gets compacted, its elementary, this rock will become sedimentary.
We will we will rock you We will we will rock you!
Any type of rock under heat and pressure becomes metamorphic and thats for sure cuz rocks can change, all over this place... they weather, and melt and get rearranged.


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