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My oldest daughter has recently become interested in art. We have done numerous activities together, such as painting canvases and pottery. I decided, I wanted to involve it in her school work more as well, since she has taken a liking to it. I have recently tried to figure out ways to try to incorporate different subjects with art. Sometimes we are learning about an artist, but learning about that artist and the time of history he lived in makes us learn about history, too.
We took the time to learn about the artist named Kadinsky. He was an artist born in Moscow. What was so interesting to know is that his art work, during World War II, was labeled as Degenerate Art. We didn't know the meaning of this. So of course, we had to look it up. This was a lot of modern art during that time, that Hitler and Nazi's banned and didn't allow because it was "un-German". Kadinsky used a lot of geometric shapes in his paintings. So my daughter did quite a few drawings herself with many abstract geometric shapes. This is the way she actually prefers to draw most often. Here is some of what she did:

Along, with Kadinsky, we learned about the talented Van Gogh, which to our surprise - some thought he was crazy. We watched this video from Ted Talks.
After watching this video, my daughter did a drawing of whatever she desired with some turbulence.
We have also learned about Picasso, my daughter demonstrated cubism with this drawing: 
Trying to involve art in some of what we do is amazing. Even something so simplistic, here's an example. I told my daughter to draw something about what we were learning in history right now. We are in the medieval period. I expected to see castles or something. She drew the Feudalism Pyramid. That completely amazed me and was a proud teacher moment because she was drawing what she learned. While it may not have been very "artsy" - she was learning. 
Trying to teach toward their passions is what I love so much about being able to school at home.


  1. Awesome job Candace, you on the teaching and your daughter's art work! I would love to homeschool but lack the patience in my later years. LOL God bless you and your beautiful family!
    ~Kathleen (MOM4LIFE)


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