Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just in time for Earth Day!

This has been one of my favorite projects I think, just because it not only fascinated my girls, but they were very responsible in making sure the task of watering their seed everyday got finished. We decided to do a CD case green house. You heard me right. I said a CD case. We simply planted a green bean seed in some potting soil in an old CD case.

Make sure to put the potting soil at the bottom of the CD case where the opening is at the top of the case. I did put a little tape around the bottom to keep the case closed and to make sure that water didn't get out so easily when we watered it. We used a small dropper to fill water and put the water through the opening at the top of the CD case.

We found an observation sheet to fill out here so they could record the changes everyday.

And just watch it grow! We aren't totally finished watching ours, but when we are finished we plan on taking a sharpie and labeling our plant on the CD case starting with the roots and going up. The girls have done very well at making sure its watered everyday. They look forward to it.

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