Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's out there in space???

We've started learning about space. There's so much to cover, so its going to take a few weeks. The past two weeks, we've learned about stars, comets, meteors, craters, asteroids, and the moon. We also learned about Neil Armstrong. I wanted to show some of the projects we did.

This first one is when we were learning about constellations. I took a cereal box and let the girls poke holes in it. When they were finished, we put a flashlight in the box and went to a dark room and viola!, you have your own constellation.

Also when learning about craters, we did got out some flour and dropped a ball in it. We had our own crater!

Then we also did the Moon phases. They loved this one, which I got from They got to enjoy the Oreo cookies afterwards.

These are their pictures that they drew of Neil Armstrong on the moon.

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