Scrabble Spelling

My youngest daughter learns so differently from my oldest daughter. With my oldest daughter, she's never had a problem with spelling. She can look at a word one or two times and know how to spell it by the end of the week...without even hardly practicing. Its crazy! That's also why she is in a homeschool spelling bee the middle of this coming month.

But as for my youngest daughter, she learns differently. Spelling is not her strong point. I can't just have her write words x amount of times. She doesn't get it that way. She just copies and moves on without even remembering how to spell the word. She's more of an auditory learner. She has to constantly spell the word out loud. Word searches work good for her, because she is having to FIND the word. For instance, when she is looking for the word "snow". She is constantly saying the spelling out loud..."S", "N", "O", "W". And she continues to do this until she finds the word. I haven't ever made her do this, she has just always done it on her own. And I noticed that this is the best way she learns. Its amazing learning how your kids learn.

In January, when we start back, I've pulled out my scrabble letters. Its kind of going to to be the same sort of concept as a word search. All the letters are in front of her and they aren't in any sort of order. SO, again, she has to search out the letters for what she's trying to spell.

Copying the words doesn't work for her. She is just copying and not seeking the next letter. She has to repeat the letters to herself. I've learned this works best with her. Its amazing how God makes two daughters so different. They're night and day! But I love the challenges!


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