As an adult, I've gathered so much myself from teaching my own kids about Thanksgiving. I think that growing up, we have just taken it for granted. But it really is amazing to me, learning about the pilgrims and realizing that they came to this country so they could have the freedom to worship God. WOW! How we take that for granted! Yet, today - its disappointing that not enough people want to worship God. Our country truly was founded on Christianity. Somewhere along the way and through the years - it seems we have lost that. Now, we can't even say Christmas in a store! The first Thanksgiving, after half of the pilgrims had died from sickness, the other half had the chance to go back to England and they chose not to. They, instead, chose to stay here and thank God for their blessings! What a great group of amazing people. If only we had more "William Bradfords" today!

Over the last month, we've learned about pioneers from Spain, England, Holland, and France. I love the book we got from Christian Liberty Press that we've been reading "living" stories from. Its called Pioneers and Patriots. You can check it out here. We've learned about Indians. Meant To Teach: Native Americans...or as Christopher Columbus named them "Indians" We've learned about the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. We've learned interesting facts about the turkey, as well with how Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to his daughter saying he thought the turkey should have been the US National Symbol. We've also gone over the Thanksgiving custom of "Pardoning the Turkey" at the White House. The list could go on and on. There's so much information!

We've had a week full of Thanksgiving copywork. It is all verses from the Bible that have to do with giving God thanksgiving! We got these for free from You can find them in cursive or print. We just started doing copywork. Kylee loves it!

We've ended each day with a craft! Pictures are posted. Under the picture, I posted the link for where I got the craft (just in case you want to do these with your chitlins' - this is my made up slang word meaning "children").

Over the last month, we've done everything imaginable that is related to Thanksgiving. I gotta say, I'm actually anxious to move into December - because we're going to be doing ONLY Christmas projects. Its going to be a sort of "long" break for us as far as school. Something I'm looking forward to in December is teaching my girls more about the Birth of Jesus. We're going to take an in-depth look at the Christmas story. That's something you can't do in public school these days. We'll be learning about Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh and what all that really is. As well as mapping out the long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem. I'm looking forward to teaching my girls less about Santa (now that we can avoid that from being in Public School) and more about the REAL reason for Christmas. Not that anything is wrong with Santa, but my oldest daughter knows the truth now - so now we can move onto something more meaningful. :)

The girls put on a puppet show with their puppets. These cute pilgrim cutouts were easy to make with a paper bag, a little glue, and some crayons! You can find them, along with many other crafts, at I like to go here a lot for craft ideas!

We modified this craft just a little bit, but you can find it at


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