Thursday, August 4, 2011

First field trip of the year with many more to come!

I took the girls to the Chattanooga Zoo. I plan to take them to the Knoxville or Atlanta Zoo in the future, but for now - we stayed around. I've never had so much fun learning at the zoo. Before we homeschooled, we'd been before and probably finished the zoo in 30 minutes to an hour. But this time, we took the time to stop and read everything! The girls weren't in any kind of "school class line." So they got to stop and enjoy the animals and learn. They were impressed most with the chimpanzees. I think they could have sat and watched them all day. I had to pull them away to move on to the other exhibits. At the end of the day, my daughters could tell me about so many of the animals and what they learned. I still say their favorites were the chimpanzees. They go to everyone now and let every one know that they aren't monkeys, they are apes. Monkeys have tails and apes do not! They will set you straight on that one. I also brought up the rediculous theory that some scientist believe that we evolved from "chimps". My oldest daughter said, "That's rediculous! They have 99% of our DNA...not 100%." I told her that just goes to show God made us different. That 1% is a big deal. Over all - it was a great day and a great memory in the books!

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