I Have LATIN Lovers!!

Salve!! This past week being our first week of starting school back, I wanted to start my oldest in Latin. I just remember being in school and having a friend that sat behind me in English honors in high school and every time there was a word introduced she knew the answer. She would raise her hand and say the answer and complete it with, "I know that because of taking Latin." Its because of that memory that I wanted my children to take Latin. The plan was for my 9 year old to learn the Latin and my 7 year old to sit in with us. However, it turns out - they were both very interested and they love it! I was lucky and blessed to have the program "Song School Latin" recommended to us by a friend.
It works great! It works with songs from a CD. My kids want to listen to the songs over and over again. Then at the end, my oldest does the activity in the book, while my youngest colors Latin coloring pages that I found online. You can find them here. They are FREE and they go along with EVERY lesson in the book. My youngest has made her own folder of all her coloring pages.
There are also videos and games to go with each review lesson in the book at headventureland.com. These are great resources! My oldest has her own notebook that she has done on her own and she has copied down the songs because she likes to study them at night in bed. She loves it so much that she has gone ahead in lessons and copied down the songs. She thinks she is ahead, but of course, she has to learn the pronunciation, too. I'm so impressed with this book. We are definitely sticking with Latin, but now I am going to have to figure out what comes next after this book. Any suggestions? Vale for now! (Goodbye)


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